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Testimonial Examples

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TelSolutions telecommunications consultants has helped many businesses throughout the years.

Below you will find some testimonial examples from some of our satisfied clients.

Aerospace Company

Words can’t say how pleased we were with your services. You made the installation a breeze!! Thank you again for all of your hard work. I will definitely forward your name if I know of someone needing the same services.

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Tennis Club


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for coordinating our new phone service at the Long Ridge Club in Stamford, CT. As you may remember, when we took over the club in the fall of 2011, we were paying $550 per month for phone and internet service twelve months a year, although we are only operational for 5 months. You suggested we switch to Cablevision for phone, internet and cable service and that in the months the club is closed we can suspend our account.

I know you spent much more time getting us setup with Cablevision and coordinating the multiple service call visits to our property. Then, you secured special numbers for us with AT&T because my staff did not like the Cablevision numbers and after the preferred AT&T numbers were installed you switched the two numbers over to Cablevision. And now, we get one bill from Cablevision and we are saving over $400 per month in our 5 months of operation and saving almost $4,000 by suspending our Cablevision service during our 7 closed months and we got two easy to remember phone numbers thanks to you.

Not with standing all the money we are saving, I could not have figured out all the nuances of dealing with two different utility companies nor spent the amount of time you did on getting us setup. Lastly, you were always responsive and pro active. You are a genius at what you do.

Please refer me to any potential customers who are questioning whether they should use your service.

Many thanks, many times,

Jeff Gocke
Long Ridge Club

Financial Service

Having a financial loan business, I’m constantly on the phone.

When I’m not in the office, I need my phone forwarded to reach me where ever I am.

TelSolutions has been my go to company for over ten years. Since I’m always on the phone I’m constantly bombarded with offers from many telecommunications companies.

Maybe it’s because I’m preoccupied with other business, maybe it’s because I think I know better, but I have a habit of saying yes to what sounds like great deals, when it turns out they’re not.

TelSolutions has always been there to bail me out of these situations and get me back to where I should be. They have gotten me credits on over-billings and gotten me out of contracts that I never should have signed before they went into effect.

I trust TelSolutions judgement and will do my best to make it easy on them in the future!

Tom Mamoud
Pyramid Financial
516 355-2274

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