Telecommunications Service

Telecommunications Service

Binary-EarthTelSolutions offers every type of telecommunications service that you may need.

Whether you’re looking for voice, data, integrated, or multiple location quotes, we’ve got you covered.

If any of the services listed below show (real-time) you can use the quote tool on the side of the page to run your own telecom quote.

If you would like more information on the type of service being offered, we are always available to help you.

For high speed internet data we can give you quotes for:

  • Business DSL (real-time)
  • Business Cable (real-time)
  • Fractional T1 (<1.5) (real-time)
  • Internet T1 (1.5 MB) (real-time)
  • Bonded Internet (3MB to 12MB)(real-time)
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband (real-time)
  • Satellite High-Speed Internet (real-time)
  • Fractional DS3 Internet (6MB to 45 MB)(real-time)
  • DS3 Internet(45MB)(real-time)
  • Ethernet (Copper)(real-time)
  • Ethernet (Fiber)(real-time)
  • Mobile Wireless Card (manual quote)
  • High BW Fixed Wireless (> 2.0MB)(manual quote)
  • 4G WiMax (manual quote)
  • OC-3 Internet (155MB)(manual quote)
  • OC-48 Internet (2.5GB)(manual quote)
  • OC-12 Internet (622MB)(manual quote)

    For Voice we can give you quotes for:
  • Local Voice – T1 (real-time)
  • Local Voice – PRI (real-time)
  • Dedicated LD (In/Out)(real-time)
  • Dedicated LD (PRI)(real-time)
  • POTS Lines (manual quote)
  • Long Distance – Switched (manual quote)
  • Dedicated LD (Call Center)(manual quote)
  • Hosted PBX (SMB)(manual quote)
  • Hosted PBX (Call Center/Enterprise)(manual quote)
  • Business VoIP (manual quote)
  • SIP (Local/LD Trunks)(manual quote)
  • SIP/VoIP (LD Buckets)(manual quote)
  • Voice over MPLS (manual quote)

    For Integrated Access we can give you quotes for:
  • Integrated Access (Digital Trunk Handoff)(real-time)
  • Integrated Access (PRI Handoff)(real-time)
  • Integrated Access (SIP Handoff)(real-time)
  • Integrated Access (Analog Handoff)(real-time)  

    For Multi-site networks we can give you quotes for:
  • Point to Point (1.5MB – 1GB)(real-time)
  • Multilocation Internet Access (manual quote)
  • MPLS Network (manual quote)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)(manual quote)
  • Ethernet WAN (manual quote)
  • MAN (Metro Area Network)(manual quote)
  • VPLS (manual quote)
  • International VPLS (manual quote)

    For Network Services we can give you quotes for:
  • Server Colocation (manual quote)
  • Network Monitoring (manual quote)
  • Data Backup (Disaster Recovery)(manual quote)
  • Managed Web Hosting (manual quote)
  • Managed Services (manual quote)
  • Remote Storage (manual quote)
  • Security and Firewalls (manual quote)
  • Audio and Web Conferencing (manual quote)
  • Call Center Software (manual quote)
  • SalesForce Automation (manual quote)
  • Microsoft Exchange (manual quote)
  • Google Apps for Business (manual quote)
  • SSL VPN (manual quote)